Our clients appreciate the fact that we take our time to assess the entire balance sheet. We embrace a thoughtful and deliberate approach to assisting our clients. We aim to ensure that each client’s board and executive team is fully engaged in our assignments and aware of how any strategy will affect membership.



We are helping credit unions of all shapes and sizes develop liability strategies. Your credit union and its membership will benefit from a well-rounded and clearly articulated funding plan. Examiners are seeking granularity in your liability policy. Let us help you embolden your strategy.



Every credit union has a different view of the asset side of the balance sheet. We can provide value regardless of your perspective. Whether you are drawing down investments to fund loan demand or looking for investments to enhance yield, we can help you tailor the right plan to best serve your membership.



Many credit unions continue to experience robust asset growth. The economy continues to steam on, creating confidence in membership across the country. Increasingly, low income designated credit unions are looking to secondary capital as part of a long-term growth strategy. We can help you formulate your plan.